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Made in Dagenham
18- 22 February 2020

Funny, touching and timeless, Made in Dagenham shows how ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they stand together.


Our charity of the year 2018- ‘19

This year we are happy to support the Nottingham branch of the Stroke Association. It is a cause close to our hearts. The local Nottingham Stroke Club supports victims of strokes and their families through activities like quizzes, table games and exercise. And they arrange the occasional trip and holiday. They offer an opportunity to talk to someone that has been through the same which helps to build confidence. WBOS will be collecting money for this great cause during our shows Calamity Jane and Godspell and especially when we are carolling in the Victoria Centre on Sunday 2 December at 1.30 pm, Saturday 8 December 2 pm and Saturday 15 December 1.30 pm. Come and say hi!

But what is a stroke? A stroke is a brain attack. It happens when the blood supply to part of your brain is cut off.

Learn to recognise a stroke through the FAST test:

  • Face: Can the person smile? Has their face fallen on one side

  • Arms: Can the person raise both arms and keep them there?

  • Speech problems: Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say? Is their speech slurred?

  • Time: If you see any of these three signs, it's time to call 999.


Our Society

We are a friendly and talented musical society based in the East Midlands. The society was formed in 1945 and since then has performed a wide variety of shows, from traditional Gilbert and Sullivan light operas to Sondheim's dark and dramatic Sweeney Todd, plus everything in between.

WBOS produces one big show per year and several smaller concerts and semi staged productions all through the year. Our annual main show is performed at The Space (Squire Performing Arts Centre) in Nottingham after a recent move from Nottingham Arts Theatre in 2017. 

If you are interested in our upcoming productions browse our What's On page and keep up to date on our social media. If you are interested in joining us, be it as a performer or in any of the diverse roles behind the stage, get in contact today and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Past Shows

West Bridgford Operatic Society has performed many of the best known and most loved shows since its inception in 1945. We have performed many a Gilbert and Sullivan show from the well-known Pirates of Penzance to the more obscure Trial by Jury. We also had the pleasure to perform classic Broadway musicals like Calamity Jane, Fiddler on the Roof and Anything Goes, as well as the dark modern Sondheim drama Sweeney Todd. Follow the link below to see a full list of shows and for more pictures of these gems of days past.


Join us

We are always looking for new members with a love for theatre. Are you a singer, an actor or a dancer? Or would you like to use your design skills to build a backdrop for our shows? Maybe you always wanted to get involved with publicity and you have the perfect eye for the next cover photo or our show programme? If that is you we would love to hear from you and welcome you among us.

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Social Life

We are a very sociable bunch who have drinks after rehearsals every Wednesday and organise a number of social and fundraising events throughout the year for members, friends and families. 


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