Useful Information For The Cast of Godspell

I will try to collect all the information needed for Godspell on this page.

Some information can be found on the WBOS Dropbox folder.

Download the Rehearsal Schedule here

The videos of our dances can be found on our Facebook page and in this dropbox folder which I will try to keep up to date.

Production Team

Director/Musical Director: Meng Khaw 
Choreographer: Sarah Shields 
Accompanist: Helen Tooth


Jesus John Gill (JJ): Tittania Gill
Judas: Tom Parry
Jeffrey: Alex Grosse
Lamar: James Crabtree
Herb: Martin Thomas
Robin: Sarah Shields
Joanne: Biba Tribbensee
Peggy: Sarah Harley
Sonia: Danielle Rodgers 
Gilmer: Lee Horne