Useful Information For The Cast of Made in Dagenham

I will try to collect all the information needed for Made in Dagenham on this page.

Some information can be found on the WBOS Dropbox folder.

Download the Rehearsal Schedule here

The videos of our dances can be found on our Facebook page and in this dropbox folder which I will try to keep up to date.

Production Team

Director: Tom Parry
Musical Director: Sam Griffiths


Eddie - Rob Holsman
Cortina Man - JJ Gill
Rita - Cat Tuckey
Barbara - Sarah Walker-Smith
Connie - Jacky Tivers
Lisa - Diana Ives
Beryl - Jo Hooper
Cass - Courtney Kelham-Giddy
Clare - Sarah Shields
Sandra - Natalie Hemington
Rachel - Joe Butler
Jo - Biba Tribbensee